38 Weeks

So, the first post for Ella’s blog! We wanted a way to keep family up to date and in tune with Ella from near and far. Obviously social media like Facebook keeps people a lot more connected, but for those wanting a little more depth, this is a good resource.

Monday (tomorrow) marks 38 weeks pregnant. 2 weeks until her EDD (estimated due date). It’s a little more accurate since we had a dating scan, but there is still only a 5% chance of her arriving that day. Of course, we just love the thought of 4-14-14 as a birthdate!

God already knows the day and hour of her birth, so while we have hopes for when it will be, we know that she will come right on time no matter what!

Mom is anticipating that moment when labor becomes reality. There is a lot of excitement and nervousness wrapped up together for the labor and delivery. Dad is ready to hold his little girl (or his duckling as he has nicknamed her)! We both dread knowing that his career has afforded him limited time with her upon arrival, but are thankful that he will have what time he has been given including being at the birth. We are thankful, knowing not every military member is afforded that.

As of Saturday Ella “dropped” as one of the terms calls it. She is right on-time according to her great-aunt Kristie. We only hope. She still loves to move around, especially in the evenings when mom is trying to go to sleep. This is probably an indicator of what her initial sleep/wake cycle will be! She never kicked mom’s ribs, probably because mom is so long-waisted. However, she does like to firmly push or kick her feet into mom’s right side and push her bottom into mom’s ribs. Dad loves to feel her move and hiccup! He has been very involved including reading and/or talking to her every day/night. He calls mom’s belly the Ella Belly! He has also declared her birthday and all subsequent birthday parties Ella-palooza.

Well, at 38 weeks she is very well developed and would be fine if she entered the world at any time. We do hope, mainly for further brain and lung development that she goes to 39 or 40, however. Pray with us for Ella’s continued development and the impending birth experience!