39 Weeks

I had my appointment on Monday, right at 39 weeks. I definitely came out of there feeling disappointed and a little defeated. I am dilated about 2cm, but not effaced at all. Medical terms for as the midwife said, “I don’t think she’ll be here by the 14th.” I guess I was hoping for more progress. Then again, some women sit at 80% effacement and 2cm for weeks while others “blossom” in days. I’m still holding out hope that she will be here by a week from Friday. We want to avoid Hitler’s birthday/ National “Pot Day”! The doctor I prefer was in L&D this week, so we are giving up the hope that she will deliver.

I have been very into researching natural labor induction methods. I have begun implementing some that work over time and plan to use others this weekend as we approach the due date. She will come when it’s her time either way!

As with most pregnant women, the end is proving me to be impatient. For one, most of my friends have all had theirs and had them early this year that have been pregnant with me. As the baby does drop, the back muscles are more strained. The nights are more restless. I am ready to have her beside me instead of inside me!

Chad is excited and ready. He was hoping, like me, that she might come early. He almost can’t contain his excitement of holding his little girl!

Feel free to leave your comments for Ella! We would love to scrapbook a prayer or wish or hope you have for her in your thoughts of her before she arrives!


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