40 Weeks- No Baby Yet!

Weekend of Labor

Monday night after my 39 week appt, I started inserting Evening Primrose Oil capsules each night. I aimed to take 3 orally per day, but didn’t always remember in the mornings. On Thursday I started inserting 2 per night, one at bed and one when I next got up to use the bathroom. Saturday morning I got a pregnancy an reflexology massage where she massaged the labor-inducing pressure points in the ankle and heal. Saturday night I massaged them again. Sunday morning I walked 2 miles in the morning and afternoon I massaged the pressure points every now and then. I bought a pineapple and ate 1/4 at breakfast, 1/4 in the mid-afternoon, and most of the rest at 10:00 that evening. At 7:00/7:30 Sunday night I started to have severe lower back pain and premenstrual type cramps in the lower abdomen. Chad applied bio-freeze and Panaway YL oil and rubbed my back, but it still hurt. I was also definitely emotional either crying or stressing about different things.

Once I determined that the back pain and cramps were pre-labor indicators, I began to prepare “just in case”. Getting bags finished up and by the door. Showering and getting ready for a possible trip to the hospital. I was excited and worked up running around. The back pain decreased with being up and moving around, but the cramps came and went in little bursts. To calm myself and try to relax for bed, I bounced on my ball, ate the pineapple, and listened to music. Ella was still very active, but it’s better to be prepared than rushing around while in full blown labor! I made it through the night without any progress. If anything, my back actually hurt less.

The 40 week appointment was up, so we headed to Keesler. The midwife checked me and swept my membranes. I was dilated 2cm with Ella being lower and pushing down on me. Some progress! Typically, women will go into labor within 48 hours of having their membranes swept. We shall see!

Later Monday night, two more “pre-labor” milestones happened and although feeling exhausted, sleep evaded me. Tylenol and Benadryl (Tylenol PM) in hopes of getting relaxed and to sleep since my oils were packed in the hospital bag in the car! Hopefully tomorrow will bring even more progress and we won’t have need of the appointment that was made for Thursday.


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