2 Week Update!

I can’t believe Ella is already 2 weeks old! Time is already starting to fly by! We had Nona here for almost a week and then Grammy and Pop came in for 5 days! She has loved being held by everyone! She hardly spends any time laid down except for night time!

She loves to hold her head up and look around! She also loves to swing in her swing and be rocked in the glider by momma and daddy! She loves music time, but doesn’t always want to move her arms with momma and daddy’s help! Most of the time she indulges us and lets us move her arms to the beat!

At her 2 week appointment, Ella’s doctor seemed very pleased with her progress and current state. She is 4oz over her birth weight now, weighing in at 7lbs and 4oz, but that means she gained 11oz since her 2 day weight check the Sunday after her birth! Her length is the same, but we expect she’ll really start to grow here soon!

Momma and Daddy are happy with their Ella-phant and can’t get enough of her. Sometimes we still get lost on how to calm her down, but we are learning and growing with her. Every moment is precious, especially for Daddy since he will be on assignment before long. Ella will miss her Daddy and her Daddy will miss her even more, but as much as the days can drag, we know they’ll fly by once they’re gone. We will be so excited for Homecoming! Please keep Daddy in your prayers for strength while away and for Momma and Ella as we approach this time apart.


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