3 Weeks! Plus Epidural Story! ðŸ˜œ

Well, can’t believe it’s three weeks since Ella made her very grand entrance! We have had some rough moments, days, and one really rough night since Daddy deployed! We are surviving, however!

FaceTime chats are how we get to hear and see Daddy! Today I looked up at the phone screen and gave Daddy a sweet smile! I know it made his night! I love to hear his voice when he sweet talks me!

Momma is figuring it all out still! It’s hard not having Daddy’s help and support in person, but he tries to reassure her when he can. She cried with me the other morning after a long night, but I let her catch up on some sleep later that day!

I eat like a champ! I’ve gained about 8 oz since my last weigh-in! Soon I’ll be wearing all those awesome 0-3 size clothes I have! I probably have enough to wear something different every day for a month at least! Be looking out for all the cute pics!!

I love my car seat! Momma learned today that if I’m fussing on my Boppy or in the swing and she needs to get ready and get out the door, I am most happy waiting in the car seat where I can still see her! I do great to let her get out between about 11am and 2pm! I love going to events on base with momma because all the ladies she made friends with like to hold me! Miss Connie has claimed me for her self, though! She is Momma’s ombudsman and very sweet on me!

Hope you enjoy my update,
Ella Grace

Mom here again:
The epidural funny as previously promised!
So after 8 hours of transition-stage-like labor with Pitocin, I was still at only 2cm and wasn’t medically in active
Labor. It took some convicting Chad that I really was ready for the epidural because he knew how much I wanted natural birth, but I was ready for it!

Well, the anesthesiologist came in, Chad left, and they got the epidural put in. It wasn’t bad, but I’m glad I never saw the needle! I’m not typically scared of medical procedures, but I’ve seen the epi needle before and YIKES!

Anyway, so I read the anesthesiologist’s name badge and kept looking at his facial features to figure out his ethnicity. This was, of course, after I was back laying in the bed and feeling the amazing effects of the meds!! This is a bit paraphrased…
I decided to ask him, “Do you mind if I ask what your ethnicity is?”
He replied, “French, English, probably some others, why?”
“You have a unique name,” I said.
“Oh! I thought your name was Maj,” I exclaimed!
Suddenly we all erupt in laughter when I realize that “Maj” was his rank!
He played right along and started talking in a French accent as “Major”! *think French pronunciation*
We all laughed so hard and it was a nice relief after those 8 hours of hard labor!
To my credit… It was after previously mentioned hours of labor, I’m not familiar with Air Force rank, some staff have first and last names while some have rank and last, and he did have a unique last name!
Hope you can enjoy a little laugh too!!





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