2 Months… Almost too late!

So, here I am… Knowing I need sleep, but finally getting around to Ella’s 2 month update! So here is Ella’s story up to 2 months (June 16th)…

I wasn’t great at latching at first, but I’ve got the hang of it now and a lot of times, mom is where I want to be. But I pretty well love being passed around too! Most of the time I’m happy when someone is holding me, but I don’t like to lay back! Keep me upright please, so I can see the world! This world is very interesting and I like to look around and take it all in! I hold my head up really well, so it’s pretty easy to look around! But I’m still getting into this laying on my belly and lifting my head thing… I’m still not sure about it!

I have really found my fists and I’ve started pulling myself forward when I am upright! Sometimes I discover my feet and stare at them! Not sure what those things are about or what they are there for yet! But these fists are pretty cool! I like to stick them in my mouth! If I suck on them or my arms for awhile, mom feeds me milk!

Sometimes I fight sleep during the day… My arms like to move just when I get settled or I’ll hear a noise that disturbs me. My nights are pretty good though! I still have to fill my little belly a couple times a night, but go right back to sleep! I wake up at 7am almost every day to talk to daddy. Sometimes he gets tired and we all go back to sleep after. It’s like we are sleeping all together even though we are apart!

Speaking of daddy… I know his voice and I love to hear him. I smile and coo at mom and the screen and he loves it! He is always saying to “tell me” and most of the time I’ll indulge him… Sometimes with noises that aren’t so cute!

Mom is hanging in there. Sometimes we both get frustrated, but we grow and learn together each day! I know she loves me and I love her! She loves to give me kisses and blow bubbles on my belly! I don’t know what to think of those yet! Maybe someday I’ll surprise her with a laugh!

That’s all for now! Look for my 3 month update in about 2 weeks!









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