Young Living and My Labor and Delivery

I wish I could tell you that I have some amazing, magical, all-natural birth. My plan was to have a natural hospital birth as we are military. Kessler Medical Center in Biloxi, Mississippi had amazing doctors, nurses, and techs that were all willing to follow and work with my natural birth plan.

I did all the “right” things. We took a Bradley class to learn how to manage labor pain naturally. I read, studied, informed myself of the various medical interventions and their side effects for myself and baby. At the end of my pregnancy (like literally 38 weeks), I talked to my friend about how she used YL oils for labor and delivery and ordered my kit!

None of that matters as much as God’s plan and He was still glorified through the whole birth experience.

I had my appointment for 40 weeks on my due date. It wasn’t so much that I was done with the pregnancy. It was knowing my husband was joining his unit just about 2 weeks after my due date that had me gunning for her to come out. My mind said, “Get this baby out ASAP so she can meet and have as much time with daddy as possible!” So… After failing all weekend to induce labor with all of the natural methods I could manage, I had my membranes stripped at my 8am appointment on Monday. And then I waited….

I woke up at 3am and was leaking. Hospital had me wait until 4am to see if it was still leaking. It was, so hubby showered and we made the 30 minuted drive to the hospital. I asked for them to give me time to try to get labor started naturally now that I was leaking. By 8 am after madly pacing the halls, no labor. So with it being 5 hrs from my first call, the Pitocin started.

I used Valor on my twists for courage. I used joy on my heart… For joy! I diffused P&C and the whole room had a calming atmosphere despite my incredible Pitocin induced pain. Plus everyone said my room smelled amazing and that most rooms smell horrid! Bonus!

Fast forward to 4pm… After getting up to 36 units of Pitocin, throwing up several times, and feeling like I wanted to die. For reference, my friend that delivered the week before was in full blown labor at 14 units. At 36 units my belly was staying contracted and I was getting no break, just one after another. I was checked and was… 2cm… 2cm!!!!! GIVE ME THR EPIDURAL because this is getting nowhere and not fast! They placed an intrauterine catheter to better measure my contractions and did an ultrasound to make sure she was head down. She was, but she was also sunny side up (aka facing my belly instead of my spine… Explains the back labor and why she hadn’t progressed). They stopped the Pitocin to let my belly relax again then started it back up at 6:30pm. The staff had me prep in case of emergency c-section (I was actually an emergency c-section baby because of a short wrapped cord).

Remembering what my friend said, I applied peppermint twice with about 3 hours between applications. I also forced my swollen numbed lower-body self up onto my knees with the help of my hubby and my tech to try to help baby drop.

I still had my P&C diffusing which helped me remain calm and relaxed. And I love the smell!

They didn’t check me again until about 12am and wouldn’t you know it, she had turned and dropped and I was fully dilated and ready to push! The nurse actually said she was afraid I was still going to be 2cm and everyone was thinking I was headed to a c-section by morning. It was literally a miracle that moment. Her face said it all! We (nurse, me, and my mom) were over joyed and tears started up! I fully attribute this to God and him working through the oils. Hubby had gone to the house to let the dogs in and THANK THE LORD he didn’t stop to eat or nap at the house because he almost did! He got in just before midnight and we started pushing at 1:15 once the doctor was almost there! One hour of pushing and at 2:17am Ella Grace graced us with her presence!

After the birth:
I used Panaway for my epidural site for a few days. The wintergreen in it can possibly effect milk supply but it didn’t effect mine. I also used Peppermint drops in the toilette to help me go. TBH… You will feel like you’re giving birth all over again the first time. And you will feel like everything is going to tear, but it won’t. Maybe Valor for courage would be good! I used Lavender for a sits bath sometime toward the end of the first week.

What I learned:
1. Pitocin induced labor is the equivalent of the Transition phase as far as intensity and pain are concerned. It’s supposed to be the shortest phase for that reason. 8 hours of that and I got the epidural. So if you do too, don’t beat yourself up.
2. “Active labor” as defined by hospitals is 4cm with steady contractions 4 minutes apart. I NEVER went into “active labor” and it doesn’t mean you’re a wimp if you are in excruciating pain on Pitocin and not in “active labor”.
3. If you get to 40 weeks and no natural labor induction method has worked, ask for an ultrasound to check position of baby. If your water leaks and labor doesn’t start, ask for an ultra sound to make sure everything is good to go, preferably before starting Pitocin. If you make it through 8 hours of induced labor and have made no progress, they’ll probably check like my doctor did and they’ll probably be sunny side up. Ask for an ultrasound if they don’t do one….
4. In the end, even if I would have done things differently knowing what I know now, things happened how God allowed them to unfold and my baby was born right on time! And I’m glad it took almost 24 hours from the time I knew I was leaking because she was born April 16 and NOT on “tax day”!

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