5 Months Old!

What a month!

We got our 4 month shots and Momma is proud to report that I did great! She was able to manage my pain and fever with only essential oils! Yay for medication avoidance!

I have only been waking up 1-2 times a night and I very nicely eat and go right back to sleep!

Oh, big deal here- on August 23rd, I got my Daddy home! He took a long time landing and getting to the base and I fell asleep, but once I adjusted to being woken up I was quite happy being back in his arms! In fact, it’s like he never even left! I’m a Daddy’s girl for sure! Daddy has had to get used to new things like my cloth diapers, my mood swings, and my schedule, but he is adjusting pretty well! I’m definitely more fun than when he left! He is great at helping with diapers and bath time, but he gets a little stressed when I’m not happy. I love him anyway and I always give him big smiles!

I get frustrated because I want to play with my dogs, but I can’t get to them on my own. Sometimes Momma and Daddy let me pet on them and I really love that. Sometimes I grab a fist of hair, but they don’t seem to mind. They still give me kisses!

I love to play with my toys and have started sticking them in my mouth a lot! I have 2 buds trying to push through on my bottom gums! Wonder when those teeth will pop out!? When I play on my mat, I scoot myself around in circles whether I’m on my belly or my back! I have also scooted backwards on my belly a couple times! Hey, motion is motion! I started kicking my feet like crazy when I’m on my belly and now mom and dad will press my feet so I can scoot when I kick! Fun times! Since doing that, I have started learning to pull my knees up under my legs and pull my lower belly off of the floor! Mom and Dad are pretty excited about that! I’m also starting to sit up better. I still need assistance either from mom or dad or my Bumbo, but I’m getting there! I rock really well from side to side and grab my feet a lot, but I haven’t QUITE rocked from my back to my belly yet! I love to bounce up and down! Mom holds me and I give her an arm workout while I bounce on my legs with her support!

I haven’t made the Bbbb sound or the lip-suck noises lately and I only give a double chuckle yet for laughs, but I love to squeal as I suck the air out of the room! I have also found my “I’m not happy!” Scream! Mom is praying I don’t do that on the airplane rides this Saturday!
















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