6 Months Old! Happy Half Birthday Baby Girl!

Wow! A half year old! I seriously blinked and it’s come and gone! She changes so much! So here is the last month in review!

On the 21st we flew on our first out-of-womb plane ride to see Daddy at his school in Indiana! We did pretty well and slept on both plane rides after giving mom a nice outfit ruining moment at the beginning of the second plane takeoff! Joys of motherhood- changing an entire outfit in a plane bathroom!

On a more enjoyable note, we gave our first full-blown belly laugh to Daddy! Mom and Dad both had tears of joy in that moment! To keep the firsts coming, miss Ella rolled over from back to belly for the first time the next day! What a fun moment for mom and dad to both witness it! We even caught the tail end on video and then the next roll all on video!

We took a nice walk in the woods in which Ella cooed the whole time giving up any chance of seeing deer, but we did see some from the car and hotel room a few times!

September 25th daddy turned 29! We had fun taking pictures, but you’d never know from the look on her face!

October 3rd she said, “MA!” And on October 4th she put it together to say, “MaMa!” She of course doesn’t know what that means but it’s a special day for momma! We have made a couple other advances in speech such as smacking lips and tongue!

We started really working on sitting up since she can roll both ways and she can sit up well for several minutes at a time before leaning too far to the back or one side. She hasn’t quite figured out how to catch herself every time yet! She loves her sit and play toy!

We have discovered a love for football! While mom is sure it’s mostly about the bright colors running back and forth, she definitely shows a preference for watching it when on TV and can get upset if the channel is changed. Daddy loves that! She also enjoys the occasional Super Why! and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and squeals with all sorts if joyful sounds!

To top it all off, after 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding, she got to try her first food on her half birthday! Avocado was on the menu. We don’t quite have the pincer grasp yet, but we like the curious thing mom and dad put in her mouth so far! We are attempting Baby Led Solids (aka Baby Led Weaning), but having to modify a bit until we get the grasp and lose the tongue thrust, which won’t be long!
















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