7 months old!

Only a few days into being 6 months old and she was changing so much!

Second night we tried avocado again and did much better and ate much more! Third night we skipped the whole “wait three days between foods” rule and tried a chunk of carrot. We still have some holding issues. ESP since it can be a bit slippery of a food anyway, but we held it to her mouth and she would gum it and swallow! She actually got a pretty decent amount down judging by the diaper proof the next morning! Let’s just say that one was daddy’s and he was a bit shocked! (Momma’s giggling inside) šŸ˜

We have started a “dada” “baba” “lala” “blahblah” series of sounds and sometimes just move the mouth and whisper or make no noise at all! Momma and Daddy are quite excitable and enthralled by these fun new sounds! Momma and Daddy are pretty certain these come with the new motion of learning to chew since they require the same jaw movement! It’s a lot of fun and a lot of excitement to see these changes and developments! Since daddy was knick named “Chadderbox” and Momma has always been known to hold a conversation, it comes as no surprise!

Week of Oct 19
We are getting a better hang of holding onto foods! It’s pretty fun to watch, but the dogs are never far away to catch dropped food. Sadie actually lays under her chair! This week we tried carrots!
We are shaking our head side to side like saying “no”. I’m sure we’ll blink and she’ll be actually telling us know. We also turn our head and lean way over side to side when something is interesting to us!
Thursday we had our 6 month appointment and shots and did great! We came in at 16 lbs 4 ounces and 25 inches long! Then, that night we made a really exciting night of it by getting up on all fours! Hands and knees! Momma and Daddy got pretty dang excited! Not too much longer and we’ll be chasing this little girl all over and teaching her what she can and cannot get into!
Friday (24th) we went to Fright Night on base as Super Girl! We entered the cutest costume contest, but didn’t last until judging. Daddy had to take her home and tried to put her sleep but she decided to reject the bottle and sleep until Momma got home.
On Saturday we had a grocery shopping excursion and she got to sit in the basket for the first time! She loved it!

Week of Oct 26
She got a special gift from Aunt Terri and Uncle Sam! Witch hat socks! So we played dress up! We also got an exersaucer that we love to play in! Finally, we had her first Halloween and she didn’t last long handing out candy! Momma got a ton of cute pictures though!

November 1- one tooth pushing through!

Week of November 2
She got to try bananas next and loved them! She had 2 teeth push through enough by the 6th that Momma caught them on camera!
We got a bouncer and she loves, I mean LOVES bouncing!

Week of November 9
Tried a lime! Hilarious video footage and pictures, but she actually ended up loving it! Our next food was sweet potato and we got a good amount down this time! We tried a little bit of pulled pork on Friday, but didn’t get too much in our mouth!
We fell in love with our zebra! Daddy makes it give kisses and she loves them! We also got a new hat and gloves for these cold winter days, but we are not too sure about them!

We went from 90 degree weather to freezing temps in one month! We went from no teeth to 2 teeth! And tried many new foods! Holidays are coming up so we will get to see some family!IMG_4187.JPGIMG_3753.JPG














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