8 month photos

I had to wait on a special onesie to arrive from a friend’s new embroidery business so I could take Ella’s 8 mo photos. Some are taken at the Beau Rivage Casino and Hotel with their Christmas set-up while some are taken at home in front of our tree. Ella is quite the getter-into of presents despite only belly scooting to date!













Ella is 8 months

My baby is growing up too fast! For some reason this is the first month mark that has brought some sadness with it. Realizing how fast it’s going by has been hard on this Momma. I digress…
So here’s her 8th month in review!

She has had many new foods including Broccoli, peas, squash, shredded pork, turkey, chicken, yogurt, eggs, and butternut squash soup. She likes it all! She LOVES broccoli, squash soup, and still loves those sweet potatoes! She eats yogurt most mornings, a veggie or fruit for lunch and a meat and veggie for dinner. She still eats small amounts, but food before one is just for fun so it’s all about learning and exploring tastes and textures!

We made some new friends! Three excited one year old triplets and a very adoring and affectionate 3 year old. We like our new friends, but they move around and she can’t yet on her own, so there will be much more fun to be had in the future!

She had fun in New Orleans with Nona and Momma watching the Thanksgiving parade! We had Thanksgiving dinner Friday after doing some Black Friday shopping!

She had a few nights where she was up a lot. She was up almost all night Black Friday after eating sweet potato casserole! Oops! Too much sugar; so much for no added sugar before one. Not so much at once next time!

Daddy said goodbye again that Sunday, but Saturday we met Santa and did quite well! Just very curious about the man!

Tuesday we went back to New Orleans and had fun with Nona and Momma in the French Quarter before saying bye to Nona.

Momma and Ella had a lot going on! We had a Christmas party we were planning as the FRG board with Daddy’s command. We went with friends to a Christmas festival and met Rudolf! We tried to go to a parade, but got rained out. The Command Christmas party happened. She didn’t nap but maybe 30 minutes all day and was not a happy camper the last hour or so, but wouldn’t you know as soon as we got home she was happy as a clam! This past weekend we had a gift wrapping fundraiser and we behaved quite well as well as on Monday also. Sunday we went to Disney on Ice with our friends Melissa and Paisley! We had a lot of fun with all the sights and sounds! It was hard being that it went into nap time, but she had a ball bouncing and flapping her arms when she wasn’t fussing from fighting a nap!

In the midst of all the business, we love to FaceTime with Daddy and she always gives big smiles and squeals! She has started to push on her hands and knees some and “rocks” by bobbing her head up and down and she tries to pull her belly up. She has started pulling up on the edge of the bathtub when she is sitting on the bath mat while mom gets ready. This past weekend she also pulled up on mom and on the lower bar of the coffee table where her feet were the only part touching the floor! Silly girl wants to stand before crawling! Then again she has been standing assisted since before she was 2 months! This next month should prove pretty significant in the movement department! One thing is for sure, she keeps Momma and Daddy on their toes!