9 Months!

Holy cow! Today is Christmas Eve and so much has happened I have to start this update so I don’t forget!
The 18th she got up on hands and knees and rocked back and forth for the first time when we were FaceTiming with Nona! That night she started belly-crawling while on FaceTime with Daddy! She kept scooting towards Daddy on the iPad or the presents under the tree!
Over the weekend she started pulling up on the tub to her knees. I stood her at the couch and she took one step to the side before falling on her bottom! Monday the 21st she pulled up on the outside of the tub all the way to her feet! We have a feeling she won’t be scooting/crawling for too long before she walks. She has always preferred being held standing up, after all!
Today she belly crawled with a purpose to some kids at church during the Christmas Eve service and then belly crawled about a yard and a half chasing her new ball on the floor! She also started clapping today! It’s adorable! She clapped during the church service and I was so proud to see this new skill! We finished off the night reading The Christmas Story (a condensed version) and taking pictures in our Christmas Jammies!

Ella’s first Christmas! She did great opening her presents! She loves to tear the paper and then eat it! Haha! She loves her new Laugh and Learn puppy we got her! It was fun to see how excited she got over it! She liked her books, mostly for chewing though! She also got some food bowls, clothes, new diapers, some straws to play with (from Nonna), an ornament from Papa and Shirley, and more!

Grammy and Pop came to visit! She adores them for sure! She got to open presents from them and from Memaw Betty! She loved all of her toys!

We all went to the USS Alabama and USS Drum and met up with Uncle Steve, Aunt Joy, cousin Erik, and 3 foreign exchange students. It was really cool… And very cold! We then ate in downtown Mobile and enjoyed a drive-through light show! Ella loved it as did the rest of us!

We rang in the new year! Ella woke up and I got kisses right before midnight! It’s no longer the year my baby was born!

Since the new year, she is scooting all around and even pulled up over the step from the living room to the rest of the house. She sure can get into quite a bit in a short amount of time! Even today, on the 10th, she surprised us at how quickly she went from one area to another! She is rocking on her hands and knees a lot and has crawled backwards a little ways a few times, but hasn’t made a habit of it yet to go forward except on belly! She is pushing herself into a sitting position consistently! She is pulling up on anything she can, including the crib now, so it’s a really good thing daddy dropped the crib mattress recently!

Jan 15th- holy cow, my baby is 9 months tomorrow! She started to really crawl on hands and knees today! She has taken a few here and there and even gone backwards on knees, but she is getting it down for good! She pulls up all the time. Seriously! Just pulls up on the coffee table and stands there! She can also bend down to pick up toys or other objects with holding onto the table. This is a fun age to watch her change every day!

Other developments over the month include smiling at pictures of babies (even Momma’s baby pictures!) and sticking her tongue out and “blowing bubbles”. Quite hilarious when we were in Home Depot and she looked straight at an older man and blew bubbles with her tongue at him. She finds it quite amusing and Momma and Daddy have a hard time discouraging it because it makes us laugh too!

She has another tooth about to come in. The top left of the middle two. Boy, is teething hard on everyone! We are in for it until the first molars are all in! Hopefully we knock the rest out soon and get a nice long break before 2 year molars!

Doctor’s visit:
She looks great! Weighs 16 lbs 5 oz and is 26 inches tall! She’s dynamite- a lot of personality in a small package! Considering mom was 18 lbs at a year and daddy was a small fry, too, we are on track! Everything looks good and we are reminded each time to be baby-proofing! She sure is showing us every day what we need to be proofing, haha!