The big TEN… Months!

Seeing as miss thang started crawling hands and knees January 15 just before her 9 month milestone, she has been unstoppable. We are learning boundaries and discipline. Seeing as mom and dad are both quite stubborn, we are in for a ride! When she is told no or disciplined, we get one of two reactions… A grunt coupled with bawled fists at her sides or a facetious smile. Oh yes, momma has to just smile back or give a self-depreciating laugh because I recognize that strong will. It was me 27 years ago, I’m sure of it!

I digress. This girl is all over the place! She loves to get into everything. And she wants what you have or she can’t get into over her toys most moments.

She smiles all the time, has an adorable squeal when she gets excited and loves to climb all over the dogs! She starts dancing almost every time she hears music!

Her new foods are chicken livers (which she absolutely loves), peaches (also loves), breastmilk Popsicles with strawberries and banana, and a tiny taste of ice cream which we kept wanting more of!

Her new skills are waving “Hi” and “Bye”, clapping and saying “yay”, knowing who mama and dada are separately, and starting to understand doggie and baby (the baby doll her Memaw gave her). She also splashes her bath bubbles which means momma may get a shower at the same time!

Her new experiences are Mardi Gras and swings! She loves the mardi gras parades! We went to 2 and other than getting upset the couple times some beads got her, she had a blast! By the second parade she knew what was going on and I could get her to wave! We had fun with our friends and even made tie-dye shirts in mardi gras colors together! Daddy cleaned the swing off one day when it was nice and we pushed her in it and she loved it!

She just hit 17lbs this week, so for now she is still in 6-9 clothes. Although her pants are getting tight in the bottom with her fluff booty! I think she’ll be our tiny tot! We have our birthday dress and Easter dress already picked out! We have a lot going on the next couple months! Birthday party is set for April 18th at our house!
























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